Yasmin lawsuits

have been initiated across the U.S., as have YAZ lawsuits. The side effects and adverse events associated with Yaz and Yasmin oral contraceptives are quite numerous, and women who have suffered from significant side effects Yasmin birth control or YAZ birth control should consider a lawsuit to obtain fair compensation for their losses, which may include:

  • costs of medical treatment for Yasmin/YAZ-induced side effects — such as stroke, DVT, heart attack, depression and more
  • costs of long-term nursing care for injuries — such as pulmonary (lung) or cardiac (heart) damage
  • costs of physical rehabilitation for YAZ/Yasmin-induced problems — e.g., vision, speech or balance problems
  • costs job rehabilitation — when an injury or illness leaves a woman unable to perform her prior job or engage in her prior level of activity
  • out-of-pocket costs — e.g., for help at home, a nurse’s aide, or travel for medical treatment
  • loss of income — both present and future
  • loss of a loved one — compensation for the dependents of a woman who died due to Yasmin or YAZ use
  • funeral and burial costs
  • emotional and physical pain and suffering

Did Yaz or Yasmin Cause my Injury?

Many times, when an individual has suffered a severe illness or an acute medical event such as a heart attack or stroke, she may not be aware that a prescription drug such as Yasmin or YAZ is responsible for the injury. Physicians treating the injury may also be unaware of the connection. However, the Yasmin lawyers and YAZ lawyers at Bernhard Liebhard can help guide women through how to determine whether a woman’s use of Yaz or Yasmin has contributed to the adverse event.

A YAZ \ Yasmin Lawsuit May Be Appropriate

After an attorney’s thorough investigation of such a potential product liability case, a YAZ or Yasmin lawsuit may or may not be the appropriate step to take. In many cases, a defendant — such as Bayer Healthcare, the maker of both YAZ and Yasmin — would rather settle a case by offering an amount of money to a plaintiff (the injured party) as compensation for her losses.

However, our YAZ birth control lawyers are seasoned attorneys, familiar with all of the tactics and strategies used by defendants. Bernhard Liebhard attorneys provide very knowledgeable legal counsel to clients regarding the options and decisions necessary to arrive at a fair, satisfying outcome.

If you have more questions or would like to consult with Bernstein Liebhard about a potential case or discuss your Yasmin side effects concerns by phone or in person, contact our Yasmin lawyers. Your lawsuit options will be discussed in detail, and your legal options will be explained.

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