A Louisiana man has filed a new Xarelto lawsuit, after suffering a life-threatening heart attack allegedly related to his use of the medication. The complaint accuses the drug’s manufacturer of failing to provide Xarelto users and their doctors with adequate warnings regarding its risks.

According to a May 9th filing in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, and the plaintiff began taking Xarelto in in February 2015 to treat deep vein thrombosis. In May 2015, he suffered a life-threatening heart attack, resulting in severe and personal injuries, physical pain and mental anguish.

Among other things, the complaint claims that the drug companies responsible for manufacturing and marketing Xarelto failed to adequately test the drug or provide sufficient warnings regarding its potential side effects. The complaint also accuses the drug makers of failing to disclose the need for dosage adjustments, or to provide adequate instructions regarding the use of Xarelto.

Federal Xarelto Litigation

Court records indicate that more than 5,200 Xarelto lawsuits are now pending in the District of Louisiana, where all federally-filed product liability claims involving the blood thinner’s alleged side effects have been centralized for coordinated pretrial proceedings. Plaintiffs involved in the litigation blame Xarelto for a number of serious complications, including uncontrollable bleeding, heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.

Xarelto was launched in 2011, and was touted as an improvement over warfarin, an anticoagulant that has been on the market for decades. Among other things, Xarelto’s manufacturers promised that patients taking the new blood thinner would not need to undergo regular blood monitoring to ensure appropriate dosage. However, Xarelto lawsuit plaintiffs dispute this claim, and maintain that many patients would benefit from such monitoring. They also point out that there is currently no approved antidote to stop the internal bleeding that sometimes occurs with Xarelto. However, warfarin bleeding can be stopped via the administration of vitamin K.

The federal Xarelto litigation has scheduled a series of bellwether trials that are expected to begin in February 2017. These trials will involve a small number of representative cases, and their outcomes could provide insight into how juries might decide similar Xarelto lawsuits. Sometimes, verdicts in bellwether trials can motivate the parties to move towards a global settlement, though there is no guarantee that the Xarelto litigation will be resolved in this fashion.

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