Whistleblowers who risk reporting fraud on the government by employers or others are potentially entitled to whistleblower rewards under the False Claims Act (“FCA”).  The FCA provides that private individuals, or whistleblowers, can file civil lawsuits on behalf of the government against an individual, company, or other organizations that commit fraud on the government.  These lawsuits are called qui tam lawsuits or whistleblower lawsuits.  Whistleblower rewards in a successful case include sharing in a portion of the government’s total recovery.

Whistleblower Rewards Under the False Claims Act

The qui tam provisions of the FCA not only provide whistleblower protection, but also whistleblower rewards in the form of financial incentives.  In a whistleblower lawsuit for fraud against the government, the government shall recover three times the amount of

money lost because of the defendant’s fraud plus a penalty of up to $11,000 per false claim submitted by the defendant.  The whistleblower’s reward is between 15% and 30% of the government’s total recovery.  Thus, if the government recovers $1 million, the whistleblower reward is somewhere between $150,000 and $300,000.

Whistleblower Rewards – Contact a Whistleblower Lawyer

If you have inside knowledge of a fraud committed against the government, you may be entitled to a whistleblower reward if you report the fraud and the government successfully recovers on a whistleblower claim.  For more information about whistleblower rewards and whistleblower lawsuits, contact one of our whistleblower lawyers today.

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