Federal whistleblowers are responsible for much of the legal action against individuals and companies that commit fraud against the government. This fraud may be committed by companies or individuals and occurs when people use deceptive or dishonest means to obtain government funds. Federal whistleblowers publically expose such misconduct so that it can be halted and prosecuted.

Fraud Against the Federal Government

Federal whistleblowers expose a variety of types of fraud against the government, such as contracts fraud and Medicare fraud. Contracts fraud happens when a company that agrees to provide a service to the government obtains extra money by giving false information about the costs associated with the project or service. The company may also commit fraud by billing for work that was never performed or misrepresenting the completeness of a project. Medicare fraud may be committed by institutions or companies, and occurs when people bill Medicare for equipment that was never purchased or services that were never provided. In these cases, federal whistleblowers are important in making sure that these actions are brought to light and prosecuted.

Federal Whistleblower Lawsuits

Under the federal False Claims Act, federal whistleblowers alleging fraud against the government are allowed to file lawsuits against the perpetrators on behalf of the government. In these cases, called qui tam lawsuits, whistleblowers can recover a portion of the damages awarded in successful whistleblower cases. Under the Act, federal whistleblowers can obtain up to 30% of damages. In 2008, federal whistleblowers received $198 million under the False Claims Act for pursuing cases of fraud against the government.

Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit Evaluation

If you are considering filing a whistleblower lawsuit, contact a whistleblower lawyer for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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