The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear Janssen Pharmaceutical’s appeal of a Risperdal lawsuit the company lost back in 2011.The refusal means that Janssen and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, will have to pay $124 million to the state of South Carolina for improperly marketing the antipsychotic medication.

According to court documents, the South Carolina Attorney General had filed a Risperdal lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and Janssen in 2003, claiming that the companies had improperly promoted its use in children and concealed its potentially serious risks. Following a guilty verdict in 2011, a state court judge ordered the drug makers to pay $327 million. The judgment included a $300 penalty per sample box of Risperdal that was distributed in the state between 1994 and 2003. He also assessed a $4,000 penalty per publication of a “Dear Doctor” letter that wrongly characterized the drug as having a lower incidence of diabetes and weight gain than a competing medicine.

The South Carolina Supreme Court eventually reduced the penalty to about $124 million because of the state’s three-year statute of limitations on such cases.

According to a report from the Associated Press, a Janssen spokesperson said the company was disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court’s had refused to hear its appeal. Janssen continues to stand by Risperdal as a “a safe and effective medicine that has helped and is still helping millions of patients with debilitating mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental conditions as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.”

Risperdal Gynecomastia Cases Proceed

Meanwhile, more than 1,600 Risperdal users continue to pursue product liability claims in a mass tort program currently underway in Pennsylvania’ Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. The majority of those cases involve plaintiffs who allegedly developed gynecomastia – excessive male breast growth – due to Risperdal’s ability to stimulate production of the hormone prolactin. Last year, a number of gynecomastia trials were convened by the court, several of which ended with substantial verdicts for plaintiffs.

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