History of Kane Shipbuilding

Kane Shipbuilding was one of many Texas shipyards that constructed U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels. Established in Galveston, Kane Shipbuilding was one of the smaller Texas shipyards. During its peak during World War II, Kane Shipbuilding constructed 9 tank barges and 7 deck barges for the U.S. Navy. Although no longer in existence, Kane Shipbuilding left behind a proud legacy due to its contributions to the Navy fleet.

Asbestos at the Kane Shipbuilding

Unfortunately, many former Kane Shipbuilding workers were exposed to asbestos. Before the dangers of asbestos were known, asbestos was used extensively in shipyard operations at Kane Shipbuilding. Unlike today, there were no government regulations or special precautions taken when handling asbestos. Former Kane Shipbuilding workers were exposed to asbestos for long periods and inhaled or ingested the toxic material.

Asbestos was used frequently for fireproofing and insulating ships at Kane Shipbuilding. Kane Shipbuilding workers often dealt directly with asbestos, cutting, sanding, and spraying it. Asbestos was used for many purposes including:

  • Pipe insulation
  • Gaskets
  • Boiler wall coating
  • Turbines
  • Electrical and plumbing insulation
  • Pumps
  • Incinerators
  • Valves
  • Floor and ceiling tiles
  • Welding blankets

The Kane Shipbuilding workers, who installed, repaired or destroyed asbestos-containing materials, were dangerously exposed to high levels of asbestos.

Despite the usefulness of asbestos in the ship industry, the toll it continues to take on human health is severe. When asbestos materials are manipulated, asbestos fibers may become airborne. In the tight, poorly ventilated ships, airborne asbestos fibers are likely to be inhaled. When inhaled, asbestos fibers can become lodged in the lungs or protective lining surrounding the body’s organs and cause severe and fatal health problems. Many Kane Shipbuilding workers may have been exposed to asbestos and suffer from serious health complications including:

  • mesothelioma
  • lung cancer
  • pleural scarring
  • asbestosis
  • cancer in internal organs

Many former shipyard employees, including those of Kane Shipbuilding, have dealt with many potentially fatal asbestos-related diseases. Authorities estimate that over 100,000 shipyard workers have died from asbestos related diseases, including those who worked for the Kane Shipbuilding.

Asbestos Injuries at Kane Shipbuilding – Texas

If you or a loved one worked for the shipyards of Kane Shipbuilding, you may have been exposed to asbestos. Talk to your physician about your exposure for more information regarding your health. Next, contact us today about seeking compensation for the damages to your health due to asbestos exposure.

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