The Barbas Cut Docks is at the center of Texas’s ship industry because of its close proximity to the Houston Port, one of the busiest seaports in the nation. The Barbas Cut Docks are located in La Porte, Texas, near the Houston Ship Channel. La Porte, Texas is home to several other shipyards and petrochemical companies.

Asbestos & the Barbas Cut Docks

The Texas Barbas Cut Docks used asbestos in its operations. Before asbestos was known to be hazardous, asbestos was used extensively in different areas of shipbuilding and repair at the Barbas Cut Docks. Unfortunately, Barbas Cut Docks’ workers were exposed to asbestos for prolonged periods. In a 2007 study, University of Texas researchers found a significantly increased incidence of leukemia among children who live within two miles of the Houston Ship Channel.

In recent years, asbestos exposure has been linked to many serious diseases including Mesothelioma, a fatal cancer of the lining of many of the body’s vital organs. Barbas Cut Docks’ workers, have a notably higher rate of risk and incidence of asbestos-related diseases compared to the general population. 

Authorities have estimated that over 100,000 shipyard workers have died from asbestos-related diseases, including Barbas Cut Docks workers. Many asbestos-related diseases are asymptomatic.  If you have been exposed to asbestos while working at the Barbas Cut Docks, you are at risk of developing an asbestos-related disease.

Asbestos Injuries at Barbas Cut Docks – Texas

If you or a loved were exposed to asbestos at Barbas Cut Docks and have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition, contact us today to determine if you have a case and are entitled to compensation.

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