The Dyer Shipyard refers to the Portland Yachting Service founded by the Dyer family in 1932 in Portland, Oregon. The Dyer family has been involved in shipbuilding for years contributing significantly to the ship industry of the West Coast. The Dyer Shipyard is a ship repairing and building facility in Oregon that services a number of different vessels through construction, repair, and upgrading.

Dyer Shipyard workers hold one of the most dangerous occupations for asbestos exposure. Prior to the 1980s, asbestos was considered an ideal material for ship repair at the Dyer Shipyard because of its fireproofing ability and resistance to heat and corrosion. For many years asbestos was used extensively in the following areas of a ship:

  • Steam pipes
  • Incinerators
  • Boilers
  • Gaskets
  • Welding blankets
  • Turbines
  • Pumps
  • Levers
  • Wall, ceiling, and floor insulation

The health risks associated with asbestos were not well known until the 1980s and, so, special precautions were not taken at the Dyer Shipyard to prevent asbestos inhalation. For many years, ship builders, crews, and longshoreman at the Dyer Shipyard of Oregon were all heavily exposed to asbestos dust inhalation. 

Consequently, many shipyard workers suffered from dangerous health complications due to asbestos exposure. While the US government currently regulates asbestos in the shipyard industry, the serious effects from previous asbestos exposure are now surfacing. A study conducted by the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine found that 86% of shipyard workers with 20 or more years of shipyard employment develop asbestos-related diseases. These diseases include Mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. The number of Mesothelioma cases in Oregon is greater than many other states due to the shipyard industry.

These diseases are serious and can be fatal. Authorities have estimated that over 100,000 shipyard workers have died from asbestos related diseases, including those who worked at the Dyer Shipyard. There have been 862 deaths in the past few decades from asbestos related diseases. Shipyard workers fear that their exposure to asbestos will lead to health complications.  Many have suffered asbestos-related diseases and turned to experienced asbestos lawyers for help.

Asbestos Injuries at the Dyer Shipyard – Oregon

If you or someone you love worked at the Dyer Shipyard and have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, contact us today to determine if you have a case and are entitled to compensation.

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