Negative predictions partially stemming from the growing litigation involving Da Vinci Surgery Robot lawsuits sent Intuitive Surgical’s shares down 2% last week before analysts at Goldman Sachs boosted the company’s price target on the stock, pushing investors into a 3% rally.

The report published Jan. 17, 2013 by hedge fund Citron Research outlined the five key reasons why Intuitive Surgical may see drop-offs in earnings this year related to its Da Vinci Surgery Robot, a device that allows surgeons to perform minimally-invasive procedures with greater precision through smaller incisions and less blood loss for patients.

Da Vinci Surgery Robot Lawsuits

The first issue, the report said, involves Intuitive Surgical’s marketing of the Da Vinci Surgery Robot.  The company does not properly warn patients about the risks that may stem from the device. Patients who have filed Da Vinci Surgery Robot lawsuits allege the device caused them to experience the following side effects:

  • Surgical burns and tears to arteries and other blood vessels
  • Surgical burns and tears to vital organs
  • Cut ureters
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bowel Injuries
  • Death

Citron also pointed out that instances of these injuries are not few and far between, according to data found in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s MAUDE Database. Approximately 4,600 adverse event reports have been filed over this device, with 3,900 of them filed between 2007 and 2012, researchers found.

Surgeon training may also be insufficient, according to Citron. Most surgeons only receive a short company-run intensive training course before they are able to operate the Da Vinci Surgery Robot, which may not provide enough knowledge to perform procedures safely and efficiently. There is also a lack of evidence proving that robotic surgeries generate better outcomes for patients, the report said.

Finally, under the nation’s new health insurance policy, Obamacare, it remains to be seen who will incur the brunt of the higher costs brought on by the Da Vinci Surgery Robot, since many changes in the ways healthcare is paid for is currently underway.

Company Stock Prices and Da Vinci Surgery Robot Lawsuits

All of these factors may eventually put the manufacturer’s stock at $300 per share for 2013, according to the report. Not to mention the mounting da Vinci Surgery Robot lawsuits that are likely to be brought by patients who have allegedly suffered side effects stemming from the devices.

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