A repetitive strain injury is also known as a repetitive stress injury or by the simple abbreviation RSI. Repetitive strain injuries are caused by intense pressure placed on the tissues in the hands or arms. This typically happens because of constant movement of the hands and arms and the repetitive action of doing the same thing multiple times. It’s similar to the old idea of writer’s cramp, where a writer felt pain in their hand after writing for a long period of time.

The rise in technology has increased the number of RSI cases and introduced new problems. Blackberry thumb for example is a strain of the thumb caused by prolonged typing on a Blackberry screen. Typing on a computer keyboard also makes an RSI worse. When an individual types, they commonly keep their wrists placed on the keyboard and stretch the fingers to reach the different keys. This places pressure on the wrists and fingers both and as the pressure builds up, it causes pain in the tissue and joints.

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There are ways to prevent RSI, especially in terms of products. The Dvorak keyboard was released in the 1930’s and is a popular choice for those with RSI symptoms. The streamlined keyboard places the more important keys together and reduces the overall size. There’s also the ergonomic keyboard, which uses a better designed shape and padded wrist rests to protect the hands during prolonged typing. Experts also recommend taking frequent breaks while typing and stretching the wrists and arms prior to typing to reduce the chances of RSI.With the everyday commonplace activities that people perform throughout the day, many don’t realize that these everyday activities may later on result in injury.  These injuries can result from the products we use, the materials we are exposed to, as well as common activties.  Some examples are similar to typing injuries, denture cream lawsuits, asbestos exposure cases and many more that many would consider obsolete during their lifetime.

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