Periodontology involves the study of the structure of teeth. Certain diseases erode the structure of teeth, necessitating removal of some or all teeth. When teeth are removed, a dentist or periodontist often recommends dentures. Denture wearers have to take care of their teeth using denture creams. Recently, there have been several denture cream lawsuits including the fleet phospho soda lawsuit and the poligrip lawsuit resulting from side effects from denture creams. In order to avoid wearing dentures, or to make sure you care properly for your dentures to avoid a denture cream lawsuit you will need to consult with a Periodontist. 

The following is a list of resources relating to the subject of Periodontology

History of Periodontology: A PDF article detailing the history of the field of Periodontology.

Definition of Periodontology: An article which briefly defines Periodontology.

Frequently asked questions about Periodontology: A PDF guide containing the answers to frequently asked questions about Periodontology.

The American Academy of Periodontology: The official website of the American Academy of Periodontology. Contains links to information for professionals and laymen alike. Links relate to diseases of the teeth and the Periodontology industry as a whole.

The American Board of Periodontologists: The official website of the American Board of Periodontologists. This website contains information about becoming a periodontologist, including certification requirements. It also provides resources for consumers seeking a registered periodontologist. 

The International Academy of Periodontology: The official website of the International Academy of Periodontology. This website contains information about the field of periodontology, including scholarly publications. 

The Southern Academy of Periodontology: This is the official website for Periodontologists in the South. The website includes links to membership information, as well as resources for those looking for a periodontologist or for general periodontology information. 

The Midwest Society of Periodontology: The official website for the Midwest Society of Periodontologists. This website includes membership information, a referral service, and general information about periodontology.

The Journal of Periodontology Online: This website is the official website for the Journal of Periodontology. It contains educational articles on Periodontology and the study of teeth dating from 1999 to 2009. Viewing some articles may require membership. 

The Forsyth Institute of Periodontology: An overview of the branch of study of periodontology as well as an overview of the Forsyth Institute, including information about issues in the forefront of periodontology.

Evidence Based Periodontology: A PowerPoint presentation containing detailed information about periodontology, including public health issues related to the field.

Mentoring in Periodontology Education: An article discussing the importance of a mentor in post-doctoral periodontological education, and providing strategies for implementing a mentoring system.

Periodontology Articles: The World Dental Organizations archive of articles discussing the field of periodontology.

Clinical Recommendations: An article co-written by a periodontologist and a cardiologist providing general tips on health and the risks of gum disease.

Contemporary Periodontology: A PDF article discussing the relationship between health and periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease: An article disputing the connection between periodontal disease and heart disease.

Periodontology and Pregnancy: An article discussing the safety of having dental work done while pregnant.

Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy: An article discussing a study done on the problems of periodontal disease in pregnancy. 

Periodontal disease and Pancreatic Cancer: An article discussing the potential link between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer.

Periodontal Disease and Underweight Babies: An article discussing the link between periodontal disease and underweight babies. 

Gum Disease and Pregnancy: A discussion of the risks of gum disease when pregnant.

Diabetes and Gum Disease: A discussion of the possible link between gum disease and diabetes.

Dental Health and Pregnancy Outcomes: An article discussing the importance of dental health for a successful pregnancy.

Introduction to Periodontal Disease: An article providing a brief introduction to periodontal disease, including signs and symptoms. The website also provides links to other useful periodontology resources including treatment pages. 

Information about Periodontal Disease: A website providing general information about periodontal disease, including causes and symptoms.

Detailed information about Periodontal Disease: A website providing detailed information about causes, symptoms and effects of periodontal disease.

Physicians Guide to Periodontal Disease: A PDF guide intended for doctors interested in studying periodontal disease.

Definition of Gum Disease: A website providing detailed information about gum disease. 

Additional Information about Gum Disease: A website providing an overview of gum disease, including the causes, risks and treatments.

Microbes and Periodontal Disease: An article discussing a possible cause of periodontal disease.

Diagnosing Periodontal Disease: A guide to diagnosing periodontal disease. 

Classifying Periodontal Diseases: A guide to classifying periodontal diseases.

Gene Therapy and Gum Disease: An article discussing the effectiveness of gene therapy on gum disease.

Periodontal Disease and Clinical Research: A website discussing some of the clinical research being done in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Screening for Periodontal Disease: An article discussing an efficient method of screening of periodontal disease.

Sunlight Prevents Periodontal Disease: An article discussing the possibility that exposure to sun can help prevent periodontal disease.

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