If you run across a legal term that you are unfamiliar with, there are many online resources available that can be of tremendous assistance to you. In addition, there are several easy-to-use, online dictionaries that contain a collection of definitions for words concerned with United States and International Law. Here is a gathering of some of those helpful resources.

Visit these online resources if you’re interested in learning more about U.S. Legal terminology:

Dictionary of Legal Terms from A to Z: Travel here and you’ll find easy access to a well-stocked inventory of legal terms. The basic definition is given, and then the term is elaborated upon with more detail.

Simple To Use Legal Dictionary: If you are searching for a quick and to-the-point definition to a legal term, here is the place to find it.

Thousands of Legal Terms: Here you’ll find the definition of a legal term with examples of how it is used in the legal realm. Pronunciation assistance is also provided.

Legal Terms Explained: Visit this online resource, and you will find a lengthy list of legal terms that also holds the meanings of some acronyms used in the legal system.

Common Legal Terms: An alphabetical list of common legal terms can be found here, or a person can travel directly to the section containing a particular word by clicking on its first letter.

Legal Terms in Abundance: Travel here and you will find a helpful collection of legal terms that are explained in detail. Plus, if you are not able to locate the term you are looking for, further help is offered.

If you’re looking for a term that falls under the category of International Law, please go to:

International Law Terms: A concise explanation of a legal term will be found here. Some of the definitions include extra notes of interest relating to the legal term.

Understanding International Legal Terms: Translations and definitions of International Law phrases are featured here. The additional information about the phrase’s origin is helpful in getting a clearer understanding of the term.

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Definitions for International Commercial Law Terms: Here you will find terms in the field of International Commercial Law. Many acronyms are also deciphered here.

The Language of International Law: Travel here and you’ll find the most popular International Law terms defined in a succinct way. There is also the option to find an International legal term that is not on the list.

Legal Terms Concerning Immigration: If you are in search of a legal term that is related to the subject of immigration, you’ll find hundreds of terms clearly defined here.

International Law Glossary: A collection of International Law terms relating, in particular, to treaties and conventions. Information added to the definition explaining how the term is put into practice, helps convey a clearer picture of the term’s meaning.

If you encounter a legal term that is unfamiliar to you, try consulting these online resources:

Find a Legal Term: Type in the unfamiliar legal term or just click on its first letter, and you will receive its concise definition in seconds. The definition of a legal term is made clearer here by the use of examples or the further explanation of the term’s particular legal purpose.

Complete Explanation of Legal Terms: This helpful and informative resource not only defines the legal term, but explains the different ways in which the word is used in the legal world. Also, further background is provided for many of the legal terms.

A Gathering of Legal Definitions: Visit this online resource and you will receive not only a legal term’s definition, but a clarification of any word contained in its definition that may be unfamiliar.

Legal Terms in a Divorce: Here you will find simple explanations of terms that commonly appear in divorce proceedings. This resource is easy to use, just click on the first letter of the unfamiliar legal term.

Legal Terms Defined in Simple Language: Click on the unknown legal word of your choice here and read its plainly stated definition. Latin legal terms are also included in this list.

Useful Legal Definitions: The first letter of the legal term you are searching for is all that you need to get a definition here. Background of the term and relevant explanation is often added to the basic definition.

Legal Terms Easily Accessed: The definition of a legal term is provided here along with other helpful matches that are related to the original word. A pronunciation of the word is also provided.

Legal Dictionary Assistance: Here you will find a list of commonly researched legal terms, as well as the option to look up a term that does not appear on that list. The definition, many times, contains another term to consider in an effort to help you better see the meaning of the original word.

Information on the law and its terminology is not restricted to the shelves of law libraries anymore. Whether you are a student of International Law, a Consumer Lawyer, a person involved in a court case, or simply someone who is curious about the meaning of a particular legal term, the collection of legal dictionaries online can prove to be of great help.

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