There are dumb laws all over the United States. One might want to read up so they are not arrested for doing something like pawning dentures. Some of the laws may seem dumb but are needed to protect wildlife and other resources for different States.

· Alabama: No fake moustaches in church.

· Alaska: Your dog may not be tied to the roof of a car.

· Arizona: Cutting down a cactus could result in 25 years in prison.

· Arkansas: A Husband can beat his Wife only once a month.

· California: No public bowling on sidewalks.

· Colorado: You may rip the tags off of pillows and mattresses.

· Connecticut: A pickle has to bounce to officially be considered a pickle.

· Delaware: One may not get married on a dare.

· Florida: You may not sell your children.

· Georgia.: You may not use a sling shot made in Alabama in Georgia

· Hawaii: Coins are not permitted in ears.

· Idaho: Merry-go-round riding is a crime on Sunday.

· Illinois: No eating in a place that is currently on fire.

· Indiana: Drinks are not permitted in a restaurant or bar by waitresses.

· Iowa: Piano players with one arm must perform for free.

· Kansas: No fish catching with bare hands.

· Kentucky: No fishing with a bow and arrow.

· Louisiana: No fake wrestling matches.

· Maine: No leaving a plane while it is in the air.

· Maryland: A lion is not allowed to go to the movies.

· Massachusetts: No more than three sandwiches at a wake.

· Michigan: Adultery is illegal and someone could go to jail.

· Minnesota: Sleeping naked is illegal.

· Mississippi: Teaching others about polygamy is illegal.

· Missouri: Not illegal to speed.

· Montana: No animal abuse in the presence of a minor.

· Nebraska: Whale fishing is not permitted.

· Nevada: Do not pawn your dentures or you will need a denture cream lawyer.

· New Hampshire: Picking up seaweed off of the beach is illegal

· New Jersey: Warn other drivers you are passing by yelling.

· New Mexico: No spitting on the Opera House steps.

· New York: Donkeys are not permitted to sleep in bathtubs.

· North Carolina: One may not sing off key.

· North Dakota: If you are in a covered wagon you may not shoot an Indian on Horseback.

· Ohio: No Women can wear patent leathered shoes in public.

· Oklahoma: No ugly faces at dogs permitted.

· Oregon: Canned corn may not be used as fishing bait.

· Pennsylvania: No sleeping on the top of a refrigerator outside.

· Rhode Island: No ropes across the highway.

· South Carolina: No confederate flags on a courthouse.

· South Dakota: Sleeping in a cheese factory is not allowed.

· Tennessee: Politicians and God do not mix. Keep God out of the Capitol.

· Texas: Wire cutters are not permitted in ones pocket.

· Utah: Detonation of nuclear weapons is illegal.

· Vermont: One may not deny the existence of God.

· Virginia: Oral or anal sex is not permitted.

· Washington: No walking in public if one has the common cold.

· West Virginia: Persons who commit adultery will be fined twenty dollars.

· Wisconsin: No butter substitutes allowed in State prisons.

· Wyoming: No fishing with a firearm.

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