Finding the information you are looking for on the internet is no easy task.   With millions of websites to browse through, looking for specifics can take some searching.   Fortunately, if you are looking for information on state court websites, federal court websites, and international court websites, you have come to the right place.   With a great selection of court directories and location-specific websites, finding information on courts will be a breeze.

State Court Websites

Whether you are searching for a general state listing of courts, or you need to find a specific state county court, the websites below will help you locate what you need.   These state court directories   are aimed to give you the information you need at the click of a mouse.   In addition, there are a few of the major state courts listed for your convenience.    State courts are used for a lot of different legal proceedings, including local and municipal trials, basic lawsuits such as denture cream lawsuits, traffic violations and other small scale cases.

Federal Court Websites

Federal courts are a little different than state courts in the United States.   Federal courts have complete control over bankruptcy cases; these types of trials cannot be held in a regular state court.  Federal courts hold both civil and criminal trials.   Types of trials that are held in Federal courts include tax claims, private land claims, appeals for armed forces, poligrip lawsuit, veteran’s claims, Hydroxycut lawsuit, and more.

International Court Websites

Throughout the entire world, there are many different branches of government and law, depending on what country you are in.   The following websites are some of the most popular International Courts in the world.

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