Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty. When an individual is convicted of a grievous felony, the court has the option of sentencing them to life in prison or the death penalty. The death penalty is currently only used in some states. There are also a large number of countries utilizing the death penalty as a form of punishment.


  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: compiles statistics on people executed up until the present day.
  • State House: lists statistics on the states with the most cases of capital punishment, the number of people executed and the cost of the executions.
  • Death Penalty Statistics: compiles statistics from around the world on the death penalty and lists the countries no longer using capital punishment.

Litigation and Legislation

Methods Throughout History

  • History of the Death Penalty: lists a full and in depth history of capital punishment and the use of it through history.
  • Capital Punishment Timeline: lists the history of capital punishment dating back to the 17th century.
  • Trial and Error: offers an in depth look at how the death penalty was used in the United States, starting with the formation of the country.

Wrongful Convictions

Pro-Death Penalty Resources

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Anti-Death Penalty Resources

The debate over the death penalty and capital punishment is in full effect. Those arguing for the death penalty claim that it acts as a deterrent, showing criminals what could happen if they continue on their same path. Others believe that it’s the perfect way to punish them for their crime by taking an eye for an eye mentality. The con side of the argument points out the number of convictions overturned and the inhumane treatment of the prisoners. It’s clear that the debate over capital punishment will continue long into the future.

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