The antibiotic Levaquin has been reported to weaken tendons, which can rupture under heavy physical stress.  Levaquin side effects may leave patients incapacitated, needing serious surgeries and months of rehabilitation.  These patients are also faced with expensive medical bills.  The areas of the body most affected include the Achilles’ tendon, knee, and rotator cuff.  Athletes or individuals who have workloads that put a lot of pressure on their joints are more apt to experience Levaquin side effects.  It has been reported that 100 million Levaquin prescriptions have been written in the United States between 1989 and 1999, with 100 cases of Levaquin tendon ruptures reported according to medical journals.  Medical journals have reported that Levaquin tendon ruptures may occur after 7 to 14 days of treatment, but may also occur after treatment ends.  The risk of Levaquin side effects may increase the longer you remain on this therapy.

Petition by Illinois Attorney General Links Levaquin to Tendon Rupture:

The Illinois Attorney General and a consumer advocacy group filed a petition against the FDA in 2005, requesting that a black box warning be added to Levaquin advertisements regarding the risk of tendon ruptures.  The petition stated that Levaquin tendon ruptures continued to occur at an alarming rate.  The petition also stated that many tendon ruptures could be prevented if doctors and patients were aware of the early warning symptoms associated with tendon ruptures.  Because the FDA declined the petition, a Levaquin lawsuit was filed against the FDA in an attempt to force the agency to order a black box warning regarding the increased risk of tendon rupture in patients taking Levaquin.  In July 2008, the FDA was ordered to notify manufacturers of Levaquin to add a black box warning to the prescribing information about the increased risk of developing tendonitis and tendon rupture.  Manufacturers are also required to create a guidebook that will be provided to all patients to warn them of the risks of Levaquin side effects.  

If you have taken Levaquin and have suffered from tendonitis, tendon rupture, or other Levaquin side effects, you may want to consult a Levaquin lawyer to see if you qualify for a Levaquin lawsuit.


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