Fosamax, a prescription drug manufactured by Merck, is associated with certain side effects.  Some of the side effects include a rare Fosamax Fracture of the femur, osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) and esophagus lesions.  Merck now faces a number of lawsuits.  If you have taken Fosamax and have experienced any of these side effects, you may want to contact a Fosamax lawyer.

Fosamax and Osteoporosis:

The prescription drug Fosamax is indicated for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.  Fosamax allows for the increase in bone density and lowers the probability of fractures particularly in the spine and hip.  Bone loss is fairly rapid in postmenopausal women that are around 60 years of age.  This probability increases if you experience early menopause, have low bone density, are Caucasian or Asian or have a family history of osteoporosis.  The presence of the above factors provides information on whether Fosamax should be used to maintain or increase bone density.  Patients who have taken glucocorticoids that have induced osteoporosis may want to take Fosamax along with calcium and vitamin D supplements to rebuild bone density.  Fosamax is also used to treat Paget’s disease where patients have elevated amounts of alkaline phosphatase levels that need to be lowered.

Fosamax was tested in clinical trial for five years on 8,000 patients and has been evaluated for safety.  Clinical trials reported that adverse side effects were usually mild and generally did not require discontinuation of therapy.

Post marketing Reports Indicate Fosamax has Adverse Side Effects:

Fosamax side effects reported post marketing include rare Fosamax Fractures of the femur fractures, ONJ and esophagus damage.  Recent studies have demonstrated that osteonecrosis of the jaw and Fosamax share a causative link.  This has been referred to as bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw.  This rare bone disease occurs when you have temporary or a permanent decrease in blood flow to tissues of the jaw.  This generates loss of teeth and gum infections.  These observations have led to lawsuits against Merck, the manufacturer of Fosamax.  The FDA alerted doctors to this problem in 2004.  One year later, the FDA required a label change for Fosamax, warning patients of the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw.  Patients have been warned to try and avoid dental surgery while taking Fosamax.  If you are taking Fosamax make sure you let your dentist know so that appropriate safety measures can be taken.

This is the second time Merck, the manufacturer of Fosamax, has been hit with major lawsuits.  Before Fosamax was put on the market, the prescription drug Vioxx prescribed for arthritis was linked to heart attacks.  There were over 10,000 Vioxx lawsuits which cost Merck approximately $4.85 billion.

If you have experienced a Fosamax Fracture, ONJ, esophagus damage or any other Fosamax side effect you may be entitled to financial compensation. You may want to contact a Fosamax lawyer to see if you qualify for a Fosamax lawsuit.  Fosamax lawsuits are currently being filed across the country.


Susan Ardizzoni, Ph.D. holds a Doctorate in Biology with a major in Neuroscience (medical) and minors in Biochemistry, Physics, and Mathematics with experience in basic and clinical research.  Although the author is not an attorney, this article was sponsored by the law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP and constitutes Attorney Advertising.  To learn more about Fosamax Fracture or Fosamax lawyer please visit

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