April 16, 2010

Chantix, a drug manufactured by Pfizer, is used to help patients quit smoking.  Hundreds of patient reports link Chantix to an increased risk of suicide, suicidal thoughts, blackouts, and unusual aggressive behaviors.  There were 227 reports of suicidal acts, 397 cases of possible psychosis, and 525 reports of aggression while taking Chantix.  The FDA has reviewed these reports and has concluded that Pfizer failed initially to warn patients and practitioners about Chantix side effects.

Apparently, Pfizer’s clinical trials of Chantix failed to include patients who had psychiatric symptoms including those with a history of alcohol abuse, bipolar disease, or panic syndrome, who may have a greater potential for experiencing Chantix side effects.

In February 2008, the FDA required Pfizer to place a “black box” warning on the Chantix label based on patient reports.  The new label emphasizes the importance of healthcare providers being well informed about the signs of depression and suicidal thoughts associated with this drug so they can relay this information to their patients and properly monitor them.  The label also warns that the patient may be too impaired to drive or operate heavy machinery.

Consequently, the Federal Aviation Administration has banned the use of Chantix by pilots and air traffic controllers because of patient reports of blackouts.

FDA Requires New Study on Chantix:

The FDA has ordered Pfizer to conduct a new study on Chantix to determine the extent of Chantix side effects.  Although the parameters of the study have not been finalized, unlike prior studies, many believe this study should include patients with and without psychiatric conditions.  This will help provide clinical data on whether or not patients that have psychiatric disorders are more likely to develop Chantix side effects of depression and suicide.

If you have experienced depression, suicidal thoughts, or any other related behavioral illness while using Chantix you may be entitled to financial compensation. Chantix Suicide Lawsuits are currently being filed across the country.


Susan Ardizzoni, Ph.D. holds a Doctorate in Biology with a major in Neuroscience (medical) and minors in Biochemistry, Physics, and Mathematics with experience in basic and clinical research.  Although the author is not an attorney, this article was sponsored by the law firm of Bernstein Liebhard LLP and constitutes Attorney Advertising.  To learn more about Chantix Side Effects or Chantix Suicide Lawsuits please visit www.ConsumerInjuryLawyers.com

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