April 9, 2010

Reglan is a prescription drug prescribed for gastroesophogeal reflux disorders (GERD).  More than 2 million Americans have used Reglan to treat heartburn issues.  This drug has not only been prescribed to adults, but to children and infants as well for the past 10 years.  Metoclopramide (Reglan’s generic name) is the most common cause of drug induced movement disorders known as tardive dyskinesia.  Reglan side effects include rapid eye movements, tongue protrusion, grimacing, and lip smacking, to name a few.  The FDA says there is no known cure for tardive dyskinesia, and symptoms are rarely reversible.  Reglan has been linked to tardive dyskinesia when used in high doses or for more than 3 months.  This includes all the different forms of Reglan, including Reglan tablets, Reglan oral disintegrating tablets, metoclopramide oral solution, and Reglan injections.  According to the FDA, “the chronic use of metoclopramide therapy should be avoided in all but rare cases where the benefit is believed to outweigh the risk.” 

Companies Failed to Study Reglan and Warn About Reglan Side Effects:

In February 2009, the FDA required revisions of the packaging and prescribing information for Reglan. The FDA ordered manufacturers of Reglan to add a black box warning about Reglan side effects with long-term or high dose use to warn physicians and patients about Reglan side effects.  The FDA also warns that long term use of Reglan should be avoided in all but rare cases.  The FDA believes that the manufacturers failed to adequately investigate and study this drug or warn about the potential for tardive dyskinesia side effects associated with long-term use of Reglan.  In fact, the many side effects documented by the FDA may result in a recall of the prescription drug Reglan. 

If you have experienced the symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, such as lip smacking, grimacing, tongue protrusion, rapid eye movement or other abnormal movements while on Reglan, you may be entitled to financial compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  Reglan lawsuits have been initiated across the US by those suffering from tardive dyskinesia, a drug-induced movement disorder.


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