Accutane is a drug used to treat severe nodular acne.  A number of side effects have been reported that include Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, depression and suicide.  If you have experienced any of these side effects, you may want to consider contacting an Accutane attorney and discuss an Accutane class action lawsuit.

Accutane and its Side Effects:

Accutane, manufactured by Roche, is an oral prescription drug used on patients to treat severe forms of acne that have not responded to other treatments.  An Accutane capsule is taken for somewhere between 15 to 20 weeks and then Accutane therapy is terminated.  Accutane combats acne in a number of ways.  This drug reduces the size of oil glands in your skin, which in turn reduces the amount of oil your glands produce, which decreases the number of bacteria in your pores.  Accutane also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Accutane has been reported to be associated with a number of serious side effects.  Some of these side effects include depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  IBD is a chronic disease that involves inflammation of the intestinal wall.  There are treatments available but there is no known cure.  Ulcerative colitis involves inflammation of the large intestine and rectum and causes frequent diarrhea whereas Crohn’s disease generally affects the lower small intestine with inflammation that penetrates deeper into the intestinal wall.  Patients who have experienced these serious Accutane side effects may want to file a lawsuit against Roche.  Roche stopped producing Accutane in 2009 due to competition from generic forms. Early in 2010, a man was awarded $25 million because he developed serious Accutane side effects and had to have his colon removed.

Accutane Lawsuits:

Are you interested in an Accutane Class Action Lawsuit? A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit is brought about by a group of people who share the same claim against a company.  These are common lawsuits against drug companies by people who believe they were harmed because the company was negligent about the safety of their product. Numerous class action lawsuits have been filed against a number of drug companies and millions of dollars have been awarded in damages.  In the case of a class action suit, each individual receives a portion of the total amount as is determined by the extent of their injuries.  There are advantages to filing a class action suit in that individuals can avoid huge legal fees.  There are disadvantages associated with class action suits as the needs of the group as a whole come before the needs of any individual patient.  It is also difficult to pursue legal action in the future if further medical complications arise.

Accutane cases are currently consolidated into “multi-district” litigation, which means that cases are filed individually, but one judge oversees certain aspects of the lawsuits.

If you have experienced Accutane side effects such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, depression, suicidal thoughts or any other related illness while on Accutane you may be entitled to financial compensation. You may want to contact an Accutane attorney and see if you qualify for an Accutane lawsuit.  Accutane lawsuits are currently being filed across the country.


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