According to investigations conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the FDA, Renu Moistureloc contact lens solution may cause fusarium keratitis and other serious fungal infections. Without immediate treatment, fungal infections can cause serious damage to the eyes, including permanent vision loss and blindness.

Because fungal infections may take a long time to heal, fungal infections should be treated with anti-fungal medication immediately. Depending on the circumstances, fungal infection medication may be administered in eye drop or pill form. If a patient does not respond to fungal infection medication, surgical intervention, such as a cornea transplant, may be needed to correct potential vision loss.

Patients who suspect they have a fungal infection should remove their contacts immediately and schedule an appointment with an eye

specialist. An early fungal infection diagnosis can help avoid serious eye complications, including blindness. Symptoms of a fungal infection may include:
  • Sudden blurred or fuzzy vision
  • Red/irritated eyes lasting for an unusually long period of time after removal of the contact lens
  • Pain in and around the eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Excessive eye tearing or discharge

Renu Moistureloc Fungal Infections & BlindnessWhen fungal infections caused by Renu Moistureloc are left untreated, they can scar the cornea and lead to blindness. In fact, a lawsuit recently filed against Bausch & Lomb, Renu Moistureloc’s manufacturer, alleges that one woman went blind in her right eye from a fungal infection after using the contact solution. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Lisa Fallin, a 45 year-old San Diego resident, seeks reimbursement for her medical bills, loss of earnings and punitive damages, among other things.

To help prevent fungal infections that can lead to blindness, contact solution users should be aware of the symptoms associated with fungal infections listed above. In addition, contact solution users should take the following precautions:

    1. Always wash your hands before handling contact lenses 2. Carefully and regularly clean contact lenses 3. Store lenses in a clean and proper case and replace the case every three months 4. Use only cleaning products recommended by your optometrist5. Never re-use old solution6. Replace contact lenses as prescribed by your doctor

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