Renu Moistureloc, which was manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, was a multipurpose contact lens solution used to rinse, disinfect, and store contact lenses. After it was approved by the FDA in 2004, Renu Moistureloc became extremely popular due to its convenient and unique ability to keep contact lenses moist for added comfort. However, in 2006, Renu Moistureloc was permanently withdrawn from the market after it was linked to serious eye infections which could lead to blindness.

Renu Moistureloc Recall

On April 10, 2006, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that it was investigating 109 cases of fusarium keratitis, a fungal eye infection that can scar the cornea and, if left untreated, result in blindness. During its investigation, the CDC interviewed 30 patients with fusarium keratitis and discovered that 26 of them had recently used Renu Moistureloc. A

simultaneous study conducted by the FDA also revealed that a disproportionate number of people with fusarium keratitis had recently used Renu Moistureloc.

Due to the possible link between Renu Moistureloc and serious fungal eye infections, Bausch & Lomb issued a worldwide recall of Renu Moistureloc on April 13, 2006. On May 15, 2006, Bausch & Lomb announced that, because scientific data suggested that Renu Moistureloc may increase susceptibility to fusarium keratitis, the Renu Moistureloc recall would be permanent. That same day, the FDA issued a statement notifying the public that the agency supported the worldwide Renu Moistureloc recall.

As of May 18, 2006, the CDC has confirmed 130 cases of fusarium keratitis infection in 26 U.S. states and one U.S. territory. Among these cases, at least eight people have required corneal transplants to save their vision and at least one person has gone blind. In addition, the CDC found that:

  • 96% of infected patients (125 out of 130) wore contact lenses
  • 64% (75) reported using Bausch & Lomb Renu Moistureloc contact lens cleaning solution only
  • 12% (14) reported using Bausch & Lomb Renu Moistureloc in combination with another product
  • 7% (8) reported using an unspecified Bausch & Lomb solution
  • 18% (21) reported using other contact lens cleaning products
  • 67% of infected patients were female
  • The median age of infected patients was 41 years of age, although patients ranged in ages from 12 to 83 years
  • Corneal transplantation was required in 31% of patients (37)

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