Bernstein Liebhard trial attorneys are leaders in a wide variety of consumer injury litigation involving personal injuries caused by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, defective medical devices, accidents, exposure to asbestos, and products dangerous to children.  To learn more about our consumer injury related practice areas, follow the below links.

Asbestos Exposure:  Bernstein Liebhard consumer injury trial attorneys handle cases involving personal injuries caused from asbestos exposure, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelinoma.  To learn more about our work on asbestos exposure cases, click here.

Child Safety & Diseases:  The child consumer safety trial attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard handle cases where children are injured from defective consumer prodcuts that cause personal injuries to children.  To learn more about the types of cases we pursue on behalf of injured children and their familes, click here

Dangerous Drugs:  Bernstein Liebhard trial attorneys are currently evaluating cases involving various dangerous drugs listed below.  To learn more about the dangerous drugs that we are investigating, click here.  

Defective Medical Devices:  Bernstein Liebhard trial attorneys handle personal injury cases involving defective medical devices. To learn more about the dangerous medical devices that we are investigating, click here

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