Ortho Evra Deaths from Blood Clots

According to death reports received by the FDA, Ortho Evra may be responsible for at least 23 deaths, 17 of which were caused by blood clots. These deaths occurred after suffering fatal blood clots, strokes, or heart attacks, which are all complications associated with the Ortho Evra birth control patch.

The first recorded death linked to Ortho Evra occurred in 2004. Zakiya Kennedy, an 18-year-old college student, collapsed while waiting for the subway in New York City. She was rushed to the hospital but died on the way there. Her death was initially a mystery, but an autopsy later revealed that Zakiya’s death was the result of a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lungs. The medical examiner stated that Ortho Evra was to blame for the young woman’s death.

Before long, it emerged that Zakiya Kennedy’s death was not an isolated

event. Although blood clots in women under 39 years old are extremely rare, many young women have developed blood clots after using Ortho Evra. For example, lawsuits against Ortho Evra’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, allege that two women developed pulmonary embolisms after using the Ortho Evra patch for only 7 months.

Ortho Evra Deaths from Heart Attacks and Strokes

All together, current litigation over Ortho Evra suggests that at least 23 women’s deaths were caused by wearing the patch.  While most Ortho Evra deaths have been from fatal blood clots, several deaths have resulted from heart attacks and strokes as well. In fact, current Ortho Evra litigation suggests that women as young as 18 are at risk for suffering from a fatal stroke or heart attack if they use the patch. 

One specific Ortho Evra wrongful death lawsuit, filed by a mother, claims that Ortho Evra caused her 24-year-old daughter’s death. According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the daughter began to have chest pains after using the birth control patch. Because the daughter was so young, their doctors did not suspect that she had any heart problems. Tragically, the daughter had two massive heart attacks in 2004, which left her brain-dead.

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