A Montana surgeon testified in a Los Angeles court last week that he was warned against using the DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement by a company sales representative eight months prior to the DePuy ASR hip recall, Bloomberg.com reported.

According to Peter Wendt’s videotaped testimony on Feb. 7, the employee from Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit told him of the implant, “There’s some problems with this, we are going to pull it. You really shouldn’t be using it anymore.”

DePuy ASR Hip Lawsuit First of Thousands to Go to Trial

This was after Wendt implanted 76 DePuy ASRs into patients, the Feb. 8 article stated. One of which was the Montana man whose DePuy ASR hip lawsuit was the first of 10,000 to go to trial.

Went also said in his testimony that he has replaced nine or 10 ASR hip devices, and four other patients have had revision surgeries to remove the implants after suffering from excessive wear, fluid build-up and pain.

The DePuy ASR hip recall in August 2010 affected 93,000 DePuy ASR hip implants. Claims filed against the company now allege the device was designed defectively and that the manufacturer failed to warn of its risks, which include early hip replacement failure, revision surgery, and metallosis (metal ion poisoning). This condition is caused by the metal components of the artificial hip rubbing together, causing friction and corrosion. In turn, the patient may suffer from a host of dangerous complications.

Allegations Denied by DePuy Officials

Also last week, a different report from Bloomberg.com noted the testimony of a former Johnson & Johnson engineer, who went on record saying the company failed to warn of the risks associated with the ASR hip, which was designed defectively.

The plaintiff in this case claims he suffered high metal levels after being implanted with the DePuy ASR implant, which resulted in blackened tissue. Cobalt and chromium debris from the device supposedly entered his bloodstream.

DePuy officials deny these allegations, saying the Montana man’s high metal levels were a result of his overall poor health, which included his diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and cancer.

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