So far, there is no cure for mesothelioma. One reason traditional cancer treatments are unable to cure the disease is that mesothelioma is extremely aggressive. Another reason there is no cure for mesothelioma is that mesothelioma is usually diagnosed in its late stages.

Because mesothelioma is extremely aggressive and diagnosed late, mesothelioma patients are often told their life-expectancy is less than a year. According to survival rate statistics, around 75% of mesothelioma patients die within one year after diagnosis. Three years after diagnosis, the mesothelioma survival rate is estimated to be only 10%. On the other hand, specialized mesothelioma cancer treatment centers often report better survival rate statistics.

Although there is no cure, several mesothelioma treatments exist. In fact, depending on the mesothelioma stage, existing mesothelioma treatments may be able to improve a patient’s life expectancy. For example, chemotherapy may slow mesothelioma tumor growth, allowing patients to live longer. In addition, surgery may remove mesothelioma tumors that are pressing on the lungs, preventing suffocation.   

Searching for a Mesothelioma Cure

Unfortunately, rather than cure the disease, current mesothelioma treatments usually only improve patients’ life expectancy slightly. While a mesothelioma cure remains nonexistent, innovative treatments offer new hope that a cure will someday be found. In clinical trials, new mesothelioma treatments that could lead to a cure, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy, are currently being tested on patients.

Gene therapy is a new mesothelioma treatment that involves modifying a mesothelioma patient’s genes towards a therapeutic goal. Unlike traditional mesothelioma treatments, which deal with cancer by treating tumors that have already formed, gene therapy works by correcting the underlying problem causing the cancer in the first pace. If effective, gene therapy may be able to cure mesothelioma altogether.

Another new cancer treatment researchers hope will lead to a mesothelioma cure is Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer within the body. Without help, the body’s immune system will not fight mesothelioma cells because the body has been tricked into thinking that the cancer cells are normal. However, immunotherapy drugs, called biological response modifiers, have been discovered to trigger the immune system to recognize the mesothelioma cells as bad and attack them.

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