On October 7, 2009, Bernstein Liebhard LLP filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against Bayer, the manufacturer of Yasmin and YAZ birth control pills, on behalf of a California couple, Scott and Heather Crawford, Crawford v. Bayer et. al, 7:09-cv-8550 (S.D.N.Y.). The complaint alleges eleven causes of action including claims for strict product liability, negligence, breach of warranty, negligent misrepresentation and/or fraud, violation of New York’s General Business Law and loss of consortium.

The Crawfords’ lawsuit alleges that, as a result of Bayer’s misleading claims regarding the effectiveness and safety of YAZ, Heather Crawford was prescribed and began using YAZ in 2007. The lawsuit further alleges that Heather suffered a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) later that same year as a direct result of her use of YAZ.

Bayer currently faces dozens of YAZ and Yasmin lawsuits and the number continues to grow. The lawsuits all make similar allegations: that Bayer over-promoted the benefits of YAZ and Yasmin and advertised them for non-FDA approved uses, including the treatment of acne and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Additionally, the lawsuits assert that Bayer failed to adequately warn consumers about the risks associated with drospirenone, the new progestin contained in YAZ and Yasmin.

According to studies, drospirenone may increase the potassium levels in the blood and lead to a condition called hyperkalemia. Although hyperkalemia often has no symptoms at all, it can be life-threatening if left untreated.

If you or a family member has suffered serious Yaz side effects, such as a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease, or death, you may qualify to file a YAZ or Yasmin lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. Contact a Yasmin or YAZ lawyer at Bernstein Liebhard LLP today for a free, confidential case evaluation.

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