After years of litigation over the safety of Yamaha Rhinos, Yamaha has issued a nationwide Yamaha Rhino recall so that repairs can be made to improve the vehicle’s stability and reduce the risk that it may roll over. All Yamaha Rhinos sold since 2003, including Rhino models 450, 660, and 700, are affected by the recall.

The Yamaha Rhino is a two-seat off-road vehicle called a utility terrain vehicle (“UTV”). UTVs, like the Yamaha Rhino, are a new breed of vehicle that have many of the features of smaller recreational ATVs, such as a powerful engine and small turning radius, but are designed similar to traditional utility vehicles, with the passenger and driver seated side by side, a steering wheel, and seat belts.

Since the Yamaha Rhino was first introduced in fall 2003, it has been criticized for being too high off the ground with its wheels too close together, making it prone to tip over, causing serious injury and death.

Yamaha Rhino Lawsuits

After more than 200 Yamaha Rhino lawsuits had been filed alleging that serious injuries and accidental deaths resulted from design defects that caused the vehicle to rollover, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) began investigating the Yamaha Rhino’s safety problems in November 2008.

Following the investigation of more than 50 incidents involving Rhino models 450, 660, and 700, including 46 driver and passenger deaths, the CPSC noted that many of the accidents appeared to involve rollovers that occurred while making “turns at relatively low speeds and on level terrain.”

The Yamaha Rhino recall has been issued so that dealers can install a spacer on the rear wheels and remove the rear anti-sway bar to help reduce the risk of rollover. At the time of the repairs, Yamaha will also install half doors and additional passenger handholds on Rhinos that don’t have them. To further help reduce the risk of serious injuries, Yamaha is also offering free helmets to Rhino owners.

Yamaha Rhino Recall Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member were injured in an accident involving a Yamaha Rhino, you may be entitled to file a Yamaha Rhino lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. Contact our experienced Yamaha Rhino recall lawyers today for a free and confidential case evaluation. We are located in New York, but handle cases nationwide.

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