At a yearly meeting to discuss an issue that has led to thousands of vaginal mesh lawsuit claims, a panel of U.S. urologists was divided, some doctors citing the benefits of minimally-invasive bladder sling surgery, while others argued its risks.

The American Urological Association (AUA) held its annual conference recently, where a panel of doctors debated a class of devices allegedly associated with mesh erosion, infection, chronic pain, painful sexual intercourse and other complications that may force a patient to undergo removal surgery. Despite their involvement in over 50,000 lawsuits from women who claim to have suffered permanent injuries as a result of vaginal mesh implants,some urologists continue to praise them.

A urologist at the Charlotte Continence Center did just that, when he pointed out that mesh procedures only require a small incision, and can be completed in just 22 minutes. He added that sling surgery is a top method of treatment for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI), a condition categorized by bladder leaks.

U.S. Doctor Blames Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits for Public Knowledge of Mesh Complications

Another doctor dismissed their potential to cause patient complications, and went on to blame lawyers for highlighting their side effects.

“Polypropylene mesh sutures have been used in hernia repair and sutures for 50 years,” said an affiliate of the Medical University of South Carolina. “Is there any reason to believe that mid-urethral sling mesh will behave any differently than polypropylene mesh used in these other applications?”

Urologists who disagreed with the use of transvaginal mesh followed these statements with a compelling rebuttal, showing graphic pictures of patients who allegedly suffered vaginal mesh complications caused by implants they received. “What we are talking about is safety,” said a surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

The nationwide litigation involving transvaginal mesh lawsuits may be making a case for itself, however. Between four separate federal litigations in the Southern District of West Virginia, court documents show more than 50,000 claims filed by women seeking compensation for damages allegedly caused by the mesh.

These claims involve products from Boston Scientific Corp., C.R. Bard Inc., American Medical Systems and the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, which women claim to have been designed defectively given their association with painful and debilitating injuries.

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