Surgeon training for a widely-used surgery robot may soon be more heavily scrutinized by hospitals in the U.S., given its attention in a recent safety survey led by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and da Vinci robot lawsuit filings, reports.

Over the past few weeks, the da Vinci Surgical System has been at the center of updates from the FDA, between the findings of its recent survey and a report from the agency that noted thousands of adverse event reports in 2013. According to a Bloomberg article from November 11th, standardized training on new medical technologies “is a systemic problem,” said a medical training expert from the University of Minnesota.

Nearly 4,000 Robotic Surgery Complications Reports Filed with FDA

Reports indicate that the FDA received a total of 3,697 adverse event reports associated with the da Vinci Surgical System through November 3. Through 2012, that number only totaled 1,595, indicating a substantial increase.

Although the complications included in those were reports were not specified in the FDA report, almost a dozen doctors involved in a survey led by the agency revealed in November that they had observed temporary nerve damage in the fingers, reversible limb palsy, bleeding from perforated bowels and vision loss. According to Bloomberg, the 11 doctors included in the agency survey performed between 70 and 600 da Vinci-aided procedures each.

Surgical burns and tears to arteries, bowel injuries, infection, organ damage and even death have been associated with the surgery robot since its entrance into the market in 2000.

Despite allegations that Intuitive Surgical, the makers of the surgery robot, failed to provide adequate training for surgeons operating the da Vinci, a spokesperson for the company said it is available “in many forms — from the manufacturer, from their hospital and from surgical societies.”

In October, Intuitive acknowledged its involvement in at least 50 lawsuits involving the da Vinci surgery robot. According to a regulatory filing issued by the company in October, at least 50 claims had been filed in courts throughout the U.S.

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