Thousands of Stryker hip lawsuit claims filed after a recall two years ago have been settled by the manufacturer for $1.43 billion, ABC News reports.

The deal was announced on November 3rd by a judge in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court, where a consolidated litigation involving claims over the Rejuvenate and ABG II metal hip replacements is currently underway. Stryker Orthopaedics said its payment to plaintiffs affected by the settlement represents the “low end of the range of probable loss to resolve these matters.”

All cases that were resolved through Stryker’s recent settlement, which also involves lawsuits centralized in the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota that allege pain, swelling, loss of mobility and symptoms related to metallosis (metal ion poisoning) caused by the fretting and corrosion of the implant’s components. On July 6, 2012, the Rejuvenate and ABG II hips were recalled after post-surveillance data from Stryker revealed their potential to fret and corrode at the modular-neck junction.

3,000 Patients Affected by Stryker Recall Settlement

According to court records, the company’s settlement was reached after four months of negotiations, which were partially facilitated by a retired United States Magistrate Judge in Philadelphia, and will involve approximately 3,000 patients who were implanted with the Rejuvenate or ABG II implants and underwent revision surgery to remove the device.

Stryker expects to pay most of the plaintiffs, who hail from 39 states in the U.S. by the end of 2015, ABC News reports.

Since the Stryker recall of 2012, lawsuits involving the medication have continued to be filed in litigations established in New Jersey and Minnesota. As of October 29, 2014, at least 2,148 claims had been centralized in Bergen County Superior Court, while 1,908 claims had been filed in the federal proceeding established in Minnesota. Following Stryker’s recall of the Rejuvenate and ABG II hips, the company advised on its website that all individuals who received the hips prior to their removal from the market undergo routine testing to monitor for signs that their implant may be failing.

Consider a Stryker Lawsuit

If you experienced pain, swelling, and symptoms related to elevated metal levels in the blood stream after receiving a Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip, the time is now to consider a Stryker lawsuit. Call Bernstein Liebhard LLP right away for more information: (877) 779-1414.

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