More than six percent of women ages 15-to-44 are opting forMirena and other IUDs as their method of birth control, according to data released in the National Survey of Family Growth.

In comparison, the December results reflect 16 percent of girls relying on the pill, and 15.5 percent using sterilization. An article from RH Reality notes that the IUD has gained popularity, and dropped much of the stigma associated with this type of contraceptive since the 1970s, when the Dalkon Shield was pulled from the market. Its manufacturer, A.H. Robbins took action in 1974, amid stories of complications and the filing of 400,000 lawsuits. Afterward, a $3 billion fund was set up to compensate women who had problems with the IUD, and the company went bankrupt. According to the article, 17 IUD models were on the market during that decade, marketed by 15 companies.

Forty years later, the IUD has become more popular but that doesn’t mean it’s without possible fault. The Mirena IUD has been named in thousands of lawsuits, according to court records, that similarly allege spontaneous migration of the device, uterine perforations and other complications that may be serious and significantly impair a woman’s overall quality of life. According to plaintiffs, problems with the device may only be reversed via removal surgery, costing exorbitant amounts of money in medical expenses. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals failed to warn women about IUD complications its marketing of the IUD, plaintiffs further allege, and even has a history of downplaying its potential to cause side effects. The majority of these lawsuits have are now pending in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court, where a consolidated litigation is underway. As of December, 1,300 claims had been filed there.

Similar claims have also been centralized at the federal court level, in a multidistrict litigation established in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. Court records updated last week reflect the filing of 1,121 Mirena IUD lawsuits.

The Mirena IUD was approved in 2000 as a contraceptive, and is now used by more than two million women in the U.S. In 2009, the device garnered approval to treat women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding.

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