Actos lawsuit allegations in the nation’s second trial involving the diabetes drug are now underway in Maryland state court, reports.

After opening statements in the case began on September 3rd, 2013, lawyers for the plaintiff are arguing that Takeda Pharmaceuticals failed to warn consumers and doctors about the risk for Actos bladder cancer injuries, and placed sales ahead of patient safety.  The manufacturer “knew the value of the drug and they knew the risks” associated with the medication, and marketed it anyway, attorneys said. Upon failing to warn the patient and his doctor about the bladder cancer link, Takeda continued to “sell, sell, sell” Actos, the lawsuit further alleges.

This is the second of 3,000 cases over the medication to head to trial in the U.S. The first lawsuit concluded in April with a $6.5 million damage award to the Plaintiff, a man who was diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking Actos, but the verdict was later thrown out. The judge overseeing the case, heard in Los Angeles Superior Court, ruled in favor of a motion from Takeda Pharmaceuticals to set aside the verdict.

In opening arguments heard this week, lawyers for Takeda pointed out that Actos has been approved by the FDA, and urged jurors to “continue to ask yourself what the rest of the story is” when they hear evidence during the Actos trial.

The Actos sales weighed in at $4.5 billion for Takeda at the end of March 2011, according to data compiled by Profits from the diabetes drug accounted for 27 percent of Takeda’s revenue at that time, the article stated.

Thousands of Actos Lawsuits Pending in Louisiana Federal Court

Now, a mounting number of Actos lawsuit claims allege Takeda downplayed bladder cancer risks associated with the medication before it entered the market in 1999, and failed to fully disclose its health ramifications.

Research that lent evidence to Actos side effects prompted the drug to be taken off the market in France and Germany in 2011. Actos was also removed from the reimbursed list of drugs at the same time in those countries as well.

Over 1,200 Actos lawsuits have been consolidated in a federal litigation underway in Lousisana federal court, according to court records, which has scheduled its first bellwether trial for January 2014.

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