Grenades were thrown by both sides at the second bellwether trial for a Risperdal a lawsuit, which follows a similar case that concluded in February with a $2.5 million damage award to the plaintiff.

According to a report on March 19th, 2015, closing arguments in the proceeding’s second gynecomastia trial now have Philadelphia jurors deliberating over evidence that has been presented in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.  Included in the closing arguments made on behalf of the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals were assertions from the company’s attorney that breast growth injuries allegedly sustained by the plaintiff do not affect his appearance now.  “However Billy looks today, it has nothing to do with Risperdal,” the lawyer said, before adding that physicians who previously treated the plaintiff knew about Risperdal’s potential for side effects, but prescribed it to him anyway. He also told the Pennsylvania jurors that he didn’t know why they been at trial for a month as a crack at opposing side’s presentation of the case.

Risperdal Defense Holds Tennis Balls as Dig to Opposing Counsel

There were also tennis balls present in the courtroom as a cheeky reference to testimony heard by a plastic surgeon who estimated that their size was equivalent to that of the plaintiff’s Risperdal breasts. Attorneys for the defense latched onto this comparison, and proceeded to hold them as he gave closing arguments for that side.

This is the second time in 2015 that Johnson & Johnson and Janssen have defended Risperdal in a Philadelphia courtroom. In February, the $2.5 million damage award to the plaintiff was a milestone for hundreds of individuals whose cases over the antipsychotic medication are still pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. There, a consolidated litigation has been established for claims that similarly accuse its manufacturer of failing to adequately warn about Risperdal gynecomastia and other side effects of the drug.

As of March 2015, a Case List posted on the Court’s website shows at least 1,270 lawsuits filed in the proceeding.

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