Metal hip replacements, like those affected by the DePuy ASR recall and Stryker recall, may not only cause metallosis and other early failure complications—they may also cause problems for people with certain types of cancer, the UK Daily Mail reports.

According to a recent article, oncologists say this is especially the case in prostate cancer treatments, which is why he doesn’t recommend artificial hip surgery for those patients. The hip prosthesis is in line with the prostate, and radiotherapy beams may not be able to reach the areas of the prostate affected by cancer, one doctor said.

“’Beams can’t go through metal. This means there is a risk that the patient won’t get the right dose. Also, if the beam hits the metal, it will bounce off in an unpredictable direction, with a risk of seriously harming nearby organs, such as the bowel and bladder.”

This is also likely true for individuals with other types of cancer near the pelvic area, including women with uterine, cervical or bladder cancers. Together, the UK Mail report states that more than 20,000 people each year are affected by these types of cancers. They also tend to develop around the time in a person’s life when they may be considering a hip replacement.

But there may be another way, according to the article—TomoTherapy, a device shaped like a ring doughnut that delivers radiotherapy beams similarly to the way of a CT scanner. Instead of traditional radiotherapy treatments, the patient lies in the center of the ring as it emits beams into the body from all directions.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham is equipped with one of these machines, which were touted by an oncologist quoted in The Daily Mail.

“TomoTherapy is a type of arc therapy, which means rather than working with a small number of fixed positions, beams are directed from all positions and angles in the arc,” the doctor said.

New Technology May Prevent Injuries Similar to Those Alleged in DePuy ASR Recall, Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuits

More individuals may also avoid the growing number of complications allegedly caused by hip replacement procedures. In the U.S., it is estimated that some 11,000 lawsuits have been filed over a metal hip affected by the DePuy ASR recall of August 2010, which was taken off the market due to unacceptably high early failure rates revealed by a British hip registry. Similarly, a growing number of Stryker lawsuit claims have been filed by individuals affected by a recall last year that affected 20,000 Rejuvenate and ABG II metal hip devices.

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