More men with low-grade prostate cancer are choosing to undergo robotic procedures that may lead to complications alleged in a growing number of da Vinci lawsuit filings and offer few benefits over traditional methods, reports.

According to an article published June 26th, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that use of newer treatments like the da Vinci Surgical System grew 32 percent to 44 percent between 2004 and 2009 in men whose prostate cancer was slow-growing. The frequency of da Vinci robot surgeries also nearly doubled in men who were older or in poor health; from 13 percent to 24 percent, research showed. also pointed to a study released in February by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that found robotic surgeries using devices like the da Vinci Surgical System for women undergoing hysterectomies did not produce better results than traditional surgeries.

“There is no good data proving that robotic hysterectomy is even as good as—let alone better—than existing, and far less costly, minimally invasive alternatives,” the ACOG President said in a March statement.

400,000 Procedures Aided by da Vinci Robot in 2012, FDA Logs 200 Reports of Robotic Surgery Complications Since 2007

The NBC news program, Rock Center reported that in 2012, the da Vinci surgery robot was used in over 400,000 procedures and has been named in 200 adverse event reports, which include 89 deaths since 2007. Among other injuries alleged in reports filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients say they suffered surgical burns and tears to arteries, cut ureters and infections stemming from procedures aided by Intuitive Surgical’s remote-controlled device.

Robotic surgery complications have also prompted a growing number of Vinci lawsuit filings that seek compensation for out-of-pocket medical costs and lost wages associated with patient injuries. According to a recent regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued by Intuitive on April 19th, the company said it had been named in 26 claims over the surgery robot.

The FDA also sent a notice to Intuitive on May 30th after finding out that the company sent a letter to customers in October 2011 offering recommendations on how to properly operate the da Vinci upon receiving dozens of complaints from January 2010 until December 2011regarding “arcing through damaged tip covers that caused patient injury.” According to the FDA’s letter, Intuitive may have violated federal law by not first notifying regulators of da Vinci robotic surgery complications before alerting customers.

File a da Vinci Lawsuit Alleging Robotic Surgery Complications

If you experienced robotic surgery complications after undergoing a prostate cancer procedure or another type of minimally-invasive surgery aided by the da Vinci Surgical System, contact Bernstein Liebhard LLP at (877) 779-1414. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

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