Now that closing arguments in the first lawsuit alleging da Vinci robotic surgery complications have been heard by jurors in Washington state court, attorneys for the plaintiff say Intuitive Surgical should pay over $8 million to the family of a patient who allegedly died after suffering injuries caused by its remote-controlled device, reports.

According to an article published May 22nd, jury deliberations from the 12-member panel in Port Orchard began that day, during which time they started the process of weighing arguments made by both sides.

Among allegations in this da Vinci Robot lawsuit, attorneys for the deceased patient’s estate argued throughout the five-week trial that the “pain, suffering, anxiety, depression and humiliation” he experienced after undergoing a seemingly routine prostate gland removal surgery was a result of Intuitive Surgical’s aggressive marketing of the robot as a means to sell to more hospitals, coupled with inadequate surgeon training in how to safely and effectively operate the device.

However, lawyers for Intuitive Surgical countered this argument during the trial by disputing any allegations that the company engaged in insufficient surgeon training or improper certification that resulted in injury to patients in an attempt to increase the use of its product

Were da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complications Caused by Inadequate Surgeon Training and Aggressive Marketing?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the manufacturer markets this device to hospitals as a way to gain market share and increase their revenues. Used in approximately 300,000 operations during 2012, the da Vinci Surgery Robot originally received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000 to aid surgeons in performing minimally-invasive urologic, laparoscopic and gynecologic procedures. The device is now used in gastric bypass surgery, gall bladder removals and thyroid cancer operations as well.

Included in the closing arguments, which were heard by jurors in Kitsap County Superior Court in Washington, da Vinci Robot lawyers sought $8.45 million in damages for the patient’s family. Intuitive acted like a “car dealership” in its training of surgeons in how to use the device, stopping at nothing to sell as many robots as they could, lawyers stated.

According to, this da Vinci Surgery Robot lawsuit is the first of 26 cases to head to trial. Claims against Intuitive Surgical allege the robot may cause surgical burns and tears to arteries and vital organs, as well as excessive bleeding, bowel injuries, cut ureters and even death.

The da Vinci Surgery Robot costs between $1 million and $2.25 million, with annual maintenance expenses tagged at approximately $140,000 per year for hospitals, the publication also reported.

Filing a da Vinci Robot Lawsuit

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