Research presented at  last year’s annual meeting for the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) reveals that pain suffered by women who use an IUD for birth control, many of which have later gone on to  file Mirena lawsuit claims, may be severely underestimated by health providers.

At the organization’s 60th Annual Clinical Meeting on May 7, 2012, a health professional from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine in Florida, presented findings obtained from a randomized placebo-controlled trial she conducted to analyze pain in women implanted with IUD birth control devices including Mirena.

“Patients in our analysis rated their pain as much higher than providers. Patients experienced a maximum pain score that was on average 28.5 points higher [on a 100-point scale] than assessments by providers.”

Mirena IUD Lawsuit Plaintiffs Allege Pain, Other Side Effects

Many of the Mirena lawsuit filings in the U.S. allege that this pain does not stop after the IUD is inserted, and may continue until the device is surgically removed. In the worst-case scenario, a hysterectomy may even be necessary to correct IUD complications.

During the IUD insertion procedure, patients’ rankings for pain on a 100-point visual analogue scale was rated 63.8, which was well above providers’ estimation of 35.3.

Rankings on the IUD insertion procedure’s time point of maximum pain also did not match up between patients and providers. Research showed there was only 41% patient and provider agreement about the time point of maximum pain when taking into consideration the tenaculum placement, uterine sounding, IUD insertion, and speculum removal.

Some researchers said the findings of this study are significant because health care providers will not investigate future methods of pain relief for women receiving an IUD if they are not aware of it, thus causing future patients to experience discomfort.

“Pain may be a barrier during IUD insertion, and underestimation may lead to less research to find therapies that ease pain,” the researcher said.

Alleged Mirena Complications Ignite IUD Lawsuit Filings

As of July 10th, a Case List update in the federal Mirena lawsuit litigation underway in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York showed that over 105 cases had been filed. Claims over the IUD, manufactured by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, allege complications caused by spontaneous migration of the device, which may include pain, infection uterine perforation and other injuries.

Approximately 170 lawsuits alleging Mirena complications are also pending in a consolidated litigation established in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court.

File a Mirena Lawsuit

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