July 21, 2008

An unnamed mesothelioma victim and his family have reached a confidential settlement with several home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment manufacturers in a personal injury lawsuit filed in Oakland, California. The HVAC manufacturers involved in the settlement include industry leaders such as Lennox, Trane, and Carrier. The plaintiff in the lawsuit developed mesothelioma, an extremely painful and terminal cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, after working for 40 years as a residential HVAC unit repairman, according to the plaintiff’s attorneys.

The lawyers representing the plaintiff, which have been investigating asbestos related injuries for years, stated that, “…even we were surprised to discover that common residential air conditioners and heaters contained the carcinogen asbestos. We had scientists dismantle and test some of the units — units that had no warnings or notifications that they had asbestos in them — and we were shocked to discover that they contained asbestos parts.”

The plaintiff operated a small HVAC repair business in Telephone, Texas, which is located about a hundred miles northeast of Dallas. Over several decades, he worked at hundreds of local homes, repairing name-brand heating and air conditioning units for families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. During the course of the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s lawyers discovered that many of these HVAC units contained asbestos parts that released hazardous amounts of asbestos into the air during routine repair work.

According to one of the plaintiff’s attorneys, the evidence that he and his colleagues turned up established that the HVAC manufacturers intentionally added asbestos parts into their equipment and never warned consumers or repairmen that the units had asbestos in them.

“Because these manufacturers have been successful in keeping this secret for so long, HVAC repairmen have been largely unaware of their asbestos exposure and the health risks their work entailed,” said the managing shareholder of the plaintiff’s law firm.

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