Intuitive Surgical offers two days of training for surgeons learning to operate a remote-controlled robot at the center of mounting da Vinci Robot lawsuit claims, but a medical professional in UCLA Medical School’s urology department says that may not be enough to master the tool, the Monterey County Herald reports.

According to an article published March 2nd in the California-based publication,  Dr. Jim Hu, who serves as chief of minimally invasive surgery at UCLA Medical School has performed over 1,500 surgeries using the da Vinci Surgical System and estimates that it takes a surgeon between 250 and 700 procedures to become fully confident in how to use it.

The report indicates that 85 percent of all prostate procedures in the U.S. are now performed with the da Vinci robot, which has four arms, a 3-D camera and tiny surgical implements that move at the command of a surgeon at a control panel.

Inadequate Surgeon Training Alleged in Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Complication Lawsuits

Hospitals throughout the U.S. may have different views on who is qualified to operate the da Vinci Surgical System, however. At California’s Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, for example, which was the first in its county to adopt the device five years ago, the article said there are just 10 surgeons listed as having privileges to operate the $2 million tool, which has amounted to 446 robotic surgeries since 2008.

This example may be particularly relevant given the allegations in da Vinci Robot lawsuits that surgeons are not provided with adequate training by Intuitive. As a result, patients who have filed claims over the surgery robot say they suffered da Vinci robotic surgery complications including surgical burns and tears to arteries and other vital organs, cut ureters, excessive bleeding, bowel injuries and even death.

As of May 2013, more than 26 da Vinci Robot lawsuits were pending in various federal jurisdictions throughout the U.S., according to court records.

Despite these claims, Intuitive Surgical disputes any claims suggesting it engaged in inadequate surgeon training or improper certification in order to increase use of the da Vinci robot that resulted in patient injuries is strongly disputed by the company.

Take the First Step in Pursuing a Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit

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