Health Canada has asked power morcellator manufacturers to include warning labels on their devices, in light of their alleged potential to upstage or spread uterine sarcoma and other cancers, the Herald News reports.

The notice was issued on December 10th by the country’s health regulator, and echoes a recent alert from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A few weeks earlier, the federal agency notified women for the second time that 1 in every 350 individuals who undergoes a minimally-invasive fibroid removal surgery using a morcellator may have undiagnosed cancer beforehand, which may only be detected until after fibroids are removed and biopsied. Given that information, the vast majority of women should not be exposed to power morcellators, the FDA said on November 24th.

Health Canada Warns against Uterine Morcellation in Pre-Menopausal Women

Health Canada referenced the 1-in-350 estimation, concluding that the chance is “more prevalent than previously reported.” Among other things, the regulator also said that morcellators should not be used on women who are nearing menopause, or those who qualify for other types of procedures that don’t incorporate the device. “The use of laparoscopic electric morcellators during fibroid surgery may spread cancer and decrease long-term survival of patients,” according to Health Canada.

Concerns surrounding uterine morcellation have continued to snowball since April, when the FDA issued its first health notice about power morcellator risks. After the public was alerted about their possible tie to the spread of cancer, Johnson & Johnson announced a sales halt of the power morcellators sold by its subsidiary, Ethicon Inc. That July, the company issued a complete market withdrawal of the devices, asking all consumers to return the ones they had already purchased.

Meanwhile, a Boston doctor whose wife was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing a power morcellator-aided fibroid removal was busy spearheading a campaign to ban their use in U.S. hospitals. Dr. Hooman Noorchashm’s petition, which asks the federal government to take action in protecting women’s safety, now has more than 86,800 supporters, a number that has continued to grow over the months that followed his wife’s initial procedure in October 2013.

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