A Lipitor lawsuit that accuses its manufacturer of conspiring to keep a generic version from entering the market was dismissed recently from New Jersey federal court, on the grounds that not enough detail had been presented in the case.

The Chicago Tribune reported on September 12th that the suit was dropped that day by a federal judge who determined that claims brought by retailers and distribution companies that purchased the cholesterol drug directly from Pfizer, Inc. failed to provide enough evidence that they conspired to delay a generic version of the drug from entering the market. The Lipitor lawsuit was originally filed in 2012, after Pfizer Inc. agreed under a patent settlement three years earlier to drop certain damage claims against Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., in exchange for its agreement to not create a generic version of the medication before November 2011.

Lipitor Lawsuits Allege New-Onset Diabetes

According to plaintiffs, this settlement resulted in Pfizer Inc.’s paying Ranbaxy to keep out of the Lipitor market, which violates certain anti-trust laws. A spokesperson for the company said Pfizer stands by its decisions, before adding that they are pleased with the recent Lipitor decision in New Jersey. “Pfizer has always believed that the procurement and enforcement of its Lipitor patents and the settlement of litigation relating thereto was at all times proper and lawful,” according to a statement. Pfizer will “continue to vigorously protect and defend its intellectual property” in the future.

In other legal news involving Lipitor, the company is preparing to defend hundreds of product liability lawsuits that allege serious side effects caused the drug. Plaintiffs in these cases, which have largely been centralized in a federal multidistrict litigation underway in the U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina, claim to have developed new-onset Type 2 diabetes after taking Lipitor. Plaintiffs further allege that Pfizer failed to to adequately warn Lipitor users of this and other complications, even after its labeling was updated in February 2012 to note its possible association with the disease.

On September 15, a federal Case List indicated that 1,279 claims had been filed in the proceeding.

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