July 30, 2008

Last month, about a dozen Bayview-Hunters Point, California residents filed a lawsuit on behalf of their young children against Lennar Corp., a well-known developer, as well as its environmental consultant, CH2M Hill, and Sacramento-based engineering consultant, Gordon N. Ball

The parents’ lawsuit alleges that their children experienced headaches, skin rashes, and respiratory problems when they were exposed to asbestos during Lennar’s excavations at the Hunters Point Shipyard site, which is located next to a predominantly African American and Latino community. The asbestos exposure lawsuit also charges Lennar and the other defendants with public nuisance, negligence, environmental racism, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and battery.

Lennar has long known that asbestos, which may cause asbestosis, lung cancer, or mesothelioma, is present at the Hunters Point Shipyard site. Although Lennar has even acknowledged that the asbestos dust at Hunters Point Shipyard was neither monitored nor controlled during extensive excavation operations, Lennar denies any blame for exposing nearby residents to the toxic dust.

Through its own federal lawsuit, Lennar seeks to place all the blame on CH2M Hill, despite revelations in the San Francisco Bay Guardian that Lennar reprimanded one of its own employees regarding the company’s failure to properly control the toxic asbestos dust.

On June 23, Lennar BVHP LLC filed a lawsuit against subcontractor CH2M Hill for negligence, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, express indemnity, and unfair business practices in connection with its work on Hunters Point Shipyard.

“Lennar seeks to recover for the significant economic harm it has suffered in addressing the ramifications of CH2’s gross and reckless misconduct in failing to provide competent asbestos air monitoring services for Lennar’s redevelopment of a portion of Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco,” states the lawsuit, which seeks monetary damages, restitution and indemnity, attorney fees, court costs, and a jury trial.

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