In a round-up of recent events that includes a Class II recall and wave of research that finds little patient benefit to using a device named in several da Vinci robot lawsuit claims,  an editorial posted this week on adds fuel to a fire of concerns that now surround the surgical technology.

The December 9th report first notes the findings of a study published last February that showed little benefit to performing hysterectomy procedures using the da Vinci Surgical System. Released by The Journal of the American Medical Association, the research pointed out that undergoing a hysterectomy using the da Vinci could also cost the patient one-third more than procedures employing traditional methods.

In November, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a survey that described the experiences of 11 surgeons in the U.S., who had each performed between 70 and 600 procedures aided by the da Vinci Surgical System.  Such patient complications as temporary nerve damage in the fingers, as well as peripheral vision loss, bleeding caused by perforation of the bowels and seromas in obese individuals who underwent procedures involving the surgical tool were reported.

Robotic Surgery Complications Prompt FDA Investigation

Following this release of federal agency data, the article speaks to the FDA’s recent Class II recall of the da Vinci robot’s Patient Side Manipulator. According to the notice posted December 3rd on the agency’s website, certain instruments are currently being inspected for repair and replacement by Intuitive Surgical, Inc., given their potential to stall during surgery, but have not been removed from the market.

A report from November indicates that at least 50 lawsuits have been filed by individuals who allegedly sustained injuries caused by the surgery robot. Organ perforations, bowel injuries, organ damage, cut ureters, as well as burns and tears to arteries are some complications that have been associated with use of the da Vinci Surgical System.

The author of the report shares information he received months ago from a spokesperson at Intuitive Surgical. In an e-mail, she said, “Patients should discuss all treatment options with their physician before decided to have surgery of any kind. Hospital credentialing committees, not Intuitive Surgical, determine the number of cases a surgeon needs to be proctored before his or her first solo case.”

Contact an Attorney to File a da Vinci Robot Lawsuit

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