The next Case Management Conference in the federal Biomet hip lawsuit litigation pending in the Northern District of Indiana has been scheduled for September, court records indicate.

According to a recent update on the Court’s website, the proceeding’s Case Management Conference is set for September 23rd, 2013 at 9:30 a.m., and will follow a telephonic status conference scheduled for July 29th. At the federal litigation’s most recent meeting, which was held June 17th, the Court discussed jurisdictional issues and the dismissal of duplicative cases filed over the Biomet M2a Magnum metal-on-metal hip implant, in addition to other topics. (In re: Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation – MDL No. 2391)

Biomet Hip Lawsuit Allegations

Cases filed in the federal Biomet hip lawsuit litigation allege the metal-on-metal design of the M2a Magnum implant leads to its potential to shed debris into the blood stream. In turn, patients may experience metallosis (metal ion poisoning), pain, infection and other complications indicating early hip failure. According to court records from May 14, 2013, over 308 cases involving the Biomet M2a Magnum hip were pending in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Indiana. Revision surgery is often necessary to correct the horribly painful injuries associated with the Biomet hip, lawsuits allege.

As claims over Biomet Inc.’s artificial hip continue to pile up, the manufacturer is in the process of collecting data for two different studies regarding the safety of the Biomet M2a Magnum implant. According to a notice posted November 6, 2012 on, Biomet is enrolling hip recipients in an observational study to examine adverse tissue reactions they may have experienced as a result of the device. Launched in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s 2011 surveillance order requiring metal-on-metal hip manufacturers to conduct safety testing on their devices, this study is expected to be completed in December 2014.

Additionally, a second safety study involving the Biomet M2a Magnum hip is expected to reach completion by December 2021, according to an update posted March 6, 2013 on Biomet is no longer recruiting participants for this study, and the manufacturer expects to collect final data in December 2013.

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