Women in Canada are taking their Mirena lawsuit allegations to the courtroom in droves, according to a local news source, after their IUDs migrated away from the uterine wall and onto the hip bone, tail bone and other body parts.

An update filed on May 21st by CTV News indicates that a national class-action lawsuit against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals is in the works, and is being spearheaded by a Toronto-based attorney who says the IUD manufacturer failed to adequately warn patients about risks that may stem from use of its product after insertion by a healthcare provider. According to one claim that may be included in the Mirena IUD lawsuit, a woman quoted in the CTV News article says she started experiencing severe abdominal pain a year after receiving the IUD, which doctors were unable to locate with an ultrasound.

The birth control implant, which is promoted by Bayer as being effective in preventing pregnancy for up to five years, was eventually found near her hip bone, her lawsuit now alleges, a possibility she was not adequately warned about.

“It sounds easy — you put it in for five years and forget about it, but look what happened to me,” the woman told CTV News.

The publication reports that Canadian health regulators have received multiple reports of Mirena perforation recently. In 2013, 52 complaints filed with Health Canada involved IUD uterine perforations.

Bayer Acknowledges Mounting Litigation of Canadian Mirena Lawsuits

In a statement recorded by CTV News, Bayer acknowledges the Mirena-related claims that have been filed in Canada. “Bayer is aware of the lawsuits that have been filed in Canada involving Mirena. No class has been certified nor has any decision been made on the merits of these cases,” the company said.

Not unlike the nationwide Mirena lawsuit litigation in Canada, IUD-related claims in the U.S. are also continuing to move forward. Court documents updated on May 15th show 528 federal cases now filed in a multidistrict litigation established in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. At least 785 claims have also been centralized in New Jersey’s Bergen County Superior Court, according to a Case List updated the same day.

How to Pursue a Mirena Lawsuit

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