A proposal to appoint certain attorneys to the federal Januvia and Byetta lawsuit litigation’s various plaintiff committees has been submitted to the Court, and will be reviewed at an upcoming status conference scheduled for the third week in October.

According to court documents, the proposal asks for three attorneys to serve as the Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel, four to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee and 13 lawyers for the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee. It is expected that parties involved in the proceeding, which involves a class of type-2 diabetes drugs known as incretin mimetics, will review the proposed leadership structure at a status conference on October 17. The process of selecting the litigation’s bellwether cases will also likely be discussed at the meeting held in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California.

More Than 60 Byetta, Januvia Lawsuit Claims Filed in October

After being established in August, it is estimated that more than 60 Byetta pancreatic cancer lawsuits, as well as dozens of claims alleging pancreatitis and possibly thyroid cancer stemming from Januvia, Victoza and similarly-designed medications are now pending in the federal proceeding.

Plaintiffs involved in these cases similarly allege that drug manufacturers failed to warn consumers about the deadly side effects that may stem from the use of its products.

As this litigation heats up, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to investigate the dangers of incretin mimetics. In March 2013, federal regulators became aware of an unpublished study that found evidence of precancerous cells in the pancreases of patients who took Byetta, Januvia or a similar medication.

In the case for Byetta and pancreatic cancer, the first FDA warning about the drug’s potential for side effects was issued in 2008, when it was found that the drug may lead to pancreatitis. The Institute for Safe Medicine Practices published a report this past April showing that incretin mimetic users were 25 times more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those who did not.

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