Bernstein Liebhard LLP is continuing to investigate potential hip replacement lawsuits after DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., announced a recall of two hip replacement implants due to a high early failure rate.  The recall could affect up to 93,000 people worldwide.  If you believe you may have a potential DePuy hip replacement lawsuit, contact us for a free, confidential case review.  We are actively investigating hip replacement lawsuits all over the country.

Studies Show High Failure Rate of DePuy Hip Implants

Doctors at Newcastle University have shown that there are a number of failings in the design of the implants.  “What our research showed was that if the ball and socket were not perfectly aligned then the metal wore away quite vigorously – the initially ultra-smooth surfaces roughening and then grinding away against each other – to release nano-sized particles into the body that were then absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues, causing far greater damage,” according to Dr. Tom Joyce of the University’s bioengineering team.

Dr. Joyce concluded that “only in a minority of cases were the joints actually functioning correctly.”  Dr. Joshua J. Jacobs, the chairman of orthopedic surgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, told the New York Times, “This does not come as a surprise.”  In an interview with the newspaper, Dr. Jacobs stated, “Most major medical centers have seen issues with this device.”

New unpublished 2010 data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales shows a five-year revision rate of approximately 12% for the ASR Hip Resurfacing System and approximately 13% for the ASR XL Acetabular System.  The ASR Hip Resurfacing System is a partial hip replacement that involves placing a metal cap on the ball of the femur, while the ASR XL Acetabular System is a hip socket used in traditional hip replacement.

Possible Flood of DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

The recall of these two devices could lead to thousands of hip replacement lawsuits across the United States.

Patients who underwent a DePuy ASR hip replacement should consider talking to an attorney so that they can understand their legal rights to compensation and the possibility of bringing a hip replacement lawsuit.  A patient bringing a hip replacement lawsuit may be able to bring claims for, among other things, defective design, failure to warn, and breach of implied and express warranties.

The recall comes more than two years after the Food and Drug Administration began receiving complaints about the failure of these devices.  Patients have reported groin pain not long after their arthritic hips had been replaced with ASR prostheses.  In addition, the ASR is made from cobalt-chrome alloy, and blood tests of patients who received the hip replacement have revealed alarmingly high levels of cobalt and chrome ions in the blood stream of ASR patients.  Many patients may also require a painful, second hip replacement.

Research has also shown that women are more likely to have problems due to the fact that women tend to be smaller with a wider pelvis and this throws the joints even further out of alignment.  Patients who had the hip replacement may suffer long-term medical problems.

Advice on Filing a DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If you have an injury from a DePuy ASR hip replacement product, contact one of our lawyers to help determine whether you are eligible to bring a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit.

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