More than 170 South African plaintiffs in lawsuits filed after the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall of August 2010 are gearing up to sue the manufacturer for damages in British court, according to

“Our South African clients were unable to sue DePuy in South Africa, and therefore started proceedings in England instead,” said one attorney representing plaintiffs in cases involving the metal hip implant.  

The article published May 8th, 2013 indicates that patients who filed claims over the DePuy ASR XL total hip replacement system and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System are now seeking millions in damages.  They were recently given the go-ahead to sue the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary in English court after a jurisdiction objection from the manufacturer was dismissed there, according to

These suits can now head to trial, where attorneys for plaintiffs plan to argue that the implants sold prior to the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall were “unsafe and defective,” and that the company should be ordered to compensate patients for their “pain, suffering and financial losses,” the report states.

DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Recall Spurs Lawsuits Around the World

Claims over this metal hip implant were brought by patients who allegedly suffered pain and swelling, loosening of the implant, inflammation, infection and other side effects. Complications associated with metallosis (metal ion poisoning), which result when the chromium and cobalt components of the device fret and corrode, causing metallic debris to shed into the patient’s blood stream,  have also been named in claims related to the implants.  

93,000 devices were affected by the DePuy ASR hip replacement recall after a British study found unusually high revision rates in patients who received the implants.

In the U.S., over 10,000 claims over the DePuy ASR metal hip have been filed in federal courts, many of which are now pending in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

To perhaps curb this rising number of DePuy ASR lawsuits alleging injuries from its products, the company has since partnered with third-party claims administrator, Broadspire Services Inc. to work directly with patients seeking reimbursement for medical treatment, testing, and other costs incurred by their injuries.

“Since the recall, DePuy has worked to provide patients and surgeons with the information and support they need,” a spokesman for the company said in a statement to

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