Johnson & Johnson’s $8.3 million loss in the first DePuy hip replacement lawsuit to go to trial in the U.S. is already having an impact overseas, reports.

According to the Mar. 26 article, the company may be forced to settle a class action lawsuit in Australia filed on behalf of 4,500 patients who received the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary’s now-recalled ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement system. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that lawyers for the plaintiffs in this case may ask the Australian Federal Court to order the manufacturer to focus on negotiating a settlement, which would take place in May during a week of mediation.

Hip Replacement Lawyers in Australia File Massive Class Action Suit

Issued by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy Orthopaedics in August 2010, 93,000 metal-on-metal hip devices were affected by the DePuy ASR hip recall. The recall was issued after the company became aware of early failure rates associated with the devices, which may have had the potential to cause metallosis (metal ion poisoning), and a host of related complications that required revision surgeries to correct.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian registry data found that 44% of ASR artificial hips failed within seven years of implantation.

Plaintiffs in DePuy hip replacement lawsuits claim to have suffered pain and swelling, loosening of the implant, immobility, inflammation of the surrounding tissue and other unpleasant side effects stemming from the device.

In the first ASR-related DePuy hip replacement lawsuit to be heard in the U.S., the plaintiff, a retired prison guard from Montana, was awarded $8.3 million in damages by a jury who ruled that the artificial hip was defectively designed. Of the 10,000 DePuy ASR hip lawsuits that still remain, many of which are currently pending in a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) established in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.

DePuy hip replacement lawsuits seek compensation for any lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages the patient incurred as a result of their injuries.  

According to, Johnson & Johnson has already paid approximately $1 billion in ASR-related lawsuit settlements.

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